The skills of shooting  archery are easily applied to the same concepts of establishing businesses. Both require focus, determination and stability, when all things around may seem to be in chaos. Shooting in windy conditions. Shooting from different angles.  Establishing business concepts in volatile markets. Trying to establish business relationships when others are not so willing. 

What one can learn from archery is to clearly see a target in which one would want the arrow to hit dead center. But there are many factors that determine successfully hitting the target, let alone the bullseye. Internal factors of focus, breath, anchoring and sight alignment.  External factors such as wind, distance and any movement affecting flight may reduce the odds of hitting the target. In order to be on point, not only must you first clearly identify the target (goal), but you must also consider both internal and external factors that will affect efforts of successfully running a business and adjust accordingly.

E.C. Archer Business Solutions can help with external factors branding, design, development and processing so you can focus on internal processes needed to better serve your clientele.

Our Mission

E.C. Archer Business Solutions mission is to help clients and customers find solutions to the frustrations of common start-up needs and to help increase business acumen through networking and marketing, with positive and professional interactions that enables E.C Archer & Company to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with their clients and quality business affiliates.

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